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Rotation- One earth day

Revelation- The earth’s trip around the sun

Winter solaces- most hours of darkness

Summer solstices- longest day of sunlight

Equinoxes- the two seasons between the solstices

Relative Location- location in relation of another location

Decade- 10 years

Century-100 years

Millumion- 1000 years

Primerated split the east and west hemisphere

Equator- Southern hem and Northern hemisphere

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Core Mantle Crust
Crust 30 to 60 miles thick
Mantle 1800 miles thick
Core 3000 miles thick

Together apart slides

Trench- deep cut in the ocean floor

Aquifer- underground water

The water Cycle

Weather- in change of climate over a short period of time

Climate- weather pattern over a long period of time

Westerlaies are located under the Jet stream

El Niño is when the westrailes die down, warm pacific water flow to south America and flooding.

Rain shadow effect- when warm moist air hit mountains and goes up and condense then precipitates.

Sun enters the atmoshepes reflect earth suface are trap by pollutation

Contarinal self- drop part on the land in the ocen

Famine- lack of food

Death Rates- average death per 1000

Birth Rate- average birth per 1000

Population Destiny-

Emigrant- exit another country

Immigrate- enter other country

Refugffee- war probity or persecution

Culture- the way of to a similar group of people

Ethic Group- group of people with similar belfry

Democracy- powers is held by the people and have the power to vote

Dictorship- I person controls the country

Command economy- the government controls the country

Market economy- driven by completion

Intdenpence- country lies one other are produced.

Push factor- in search of jobs

Conduces-by area united by common boundary

Cordillera- two pair of parrell mountain changes

Lock rained lock- you pull in one lock and the doors close the water level rises