Xbox Pursuasive Speech Presentation Essay

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Improvement Goals:
Don’t move my hands below my waist.
More fluid movement around the room.
Use the Look, turn, and talk technique more frequently.
Title: Microsoft’s Xbox Dilemma and our new strategy.
Primary Reason: To solve the Xbox One sales problem by providing two business recommendations.
Secondary Reason: To either lead the Xbox One revival or join Cloud infrastructure teams.
Objective: Should we leave the gaming industry?
Importance: Xbox One is a product created in a previous CEO’s tenure. New CEO has different strategy.
Indicator: Xbox One is losing in sales to PS4. New CEO has cloud and servers background.
Agenda: Talk about new strategy and new CEO. Then talk about the gaming market and Xbox’s presence in it. Next, speak about the Xbox’s financial performance and finally two business recommendations.
Point A: Microsoft’s new strategy is the switching from “Devices and Services” to “Productivity and Platforms”
Evidence: Nadella’s background is within Business and Servers and Tools divisions. Led cloud infrastructure push. Stated “productivity and platforms” as the new focus of the company.
Point B: Xbox’s presence in the gaming market is dwindling and Microsoft has shown weakness.
Evidence: Offered non Kinect bundle. Signals death for the sensor without content. Consistent price cuts for the console. Sales at 5.4 million.

Sony has position of strength. Games are selling very well for them and sales are double at 10.8 million.
Point C: Xbox’s financial performance is weak.
Evidence: Financial statements show how