Cross-Cultural Communication Matrix

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Appendix C
Cross-Cultural Communication Matrix

Cross cultural communication could be difficult sometimes but, with the new technology now day it facilitate people to communicate more

easily. Now days the internet and modern technology has been a major factor, which has allow people with businesses from various

geographic locations and diversity cultures to have a better cross cultural communication. The new norm technology has allow people to work

remotely with others as it is to work face to face. In addition, now with the electronic communication it makes it easier and no different to work with

somebody in the same office or in a different part of the world. Now days English seems to be the language that people use when trying to reach

the most widest audience but, now there is programs that help people send messages from one country to another without the need to worry

about translating it to another language. Now with the new technology there are programs were a person would write in English and translate it to

another language and vice versa (eDiplomat,2014).

Technology could be a helpful tool when it comes to cross cultural communication but, there are also some difficulties that could arise

because of that. It is still important to know the different cultures and the believes of other people, especially when doing business with

somebody in the other part of