Cross-Cultural Communication Matrix

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Appendix C

Cross-Cultural Communication Matrix

Use the matrix to complete the country information. Write 3-4 sentences for each item.

Access the Business Around the World information by accessing
Select three regions of the world to research by clicking the map on the lower-left corner of the page. Select one country from each region you chose to research. Enter your final country selections into the matrix. The Web site provides you with a strong starting point. You may also want to perform a general Internet search to find additional information.
Include APA-formatted references on a separate page.

The assignment is due in Week Three.

Cross-Cultural Communication
Preferred Communication Style
Nonverbal Communication Practices
Business Communication Norms
Strategies to Increase Cross-Cultural Communication
Face to Face oral communication
Gestures, Touching, Space
Direct eye contact, hand shaking, standing close, light touching, hand gestures
Be prepared

Have business cards available

Study their culture and styles

Make other cultures comfortable with communicating with each other
United States
Face to face
Voice, touch, distance, eye contact
Meetings, clear details/messages, hand gestures, visual props

Face to face with minimal physical contact
Facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, eye contact, nodding
Professional greeting when meeting someone, use business cards, keep hand gestures at a minimum

For this exercise I have chosen Brazil, America, and China. I have found that there are many similarities in the ways that these three countries communicate with themselves as well as each other. They also have differences in their cultural backgrounds which cause some differences in their communication styles. I feel that technology could be used to facilitate cross-cultural communication in many ways. One major way that technology can be used to facilitate cross-cultural communication is through video conferences. Many companies use video conferences o keep an open line of steady communication between them and other companies. Another way that technology plays a big part in cross-cultural communication is as simple as telephones. Everyone uses telephones although I do not feel that this is the most common