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Xerox has done so much in the name of diversity, but I don't think their work is finished.
Xerox understands that to gain in business advantage, it must continually develop strategies that address currently trending diversity issues What we traditionally consider diversity categories, Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, and Ability have grown to include, national origin, citizenship status, and union status. What will be considered traditional diversity issues in the future are those issues being debated today. One of the major ones is that Millennials definition of diversity and inclusion is different from the generation x and baby boomer definition. How addressing the needs of the Millennials will affect the over fifty age group workers and their continued employment. Or, how Millennials view themselves and refuse to conform to yesteryears workplace. Millennials definition of diversity is, “the blending of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a team, which is known as cognitive diversity.”1 They see diversity as necessary to achieve business goals and are 71% more likely to focus on teamwork. The baby boomer and generation x definition focuses on protection of classes and fairness and not on the business at all. As our textbook states in worth considering or best avoided, on page 32, “Millennials need special handling. They can be spoiled and self-centered, quick to complain when their bosses don’t communicate enough,