Xiao Ning Er: A Short Story

Words: 2160
Pages: 9

Why does not know, sees Xiao Ning Er this smiling face, Ye Xuan at heart thump.
The distant place, Nie Li gaze also fell on the body of Xiao Ning Er and Xiao Xue, NingEr seemed to be more attractive than before!
Xiao Ning Er three and do two steps, walked toward Nie Li.
„NingEr!” Nie Li shows a faint smile, one several other months, in the heart of Nie Li thinks to NingEr.
In eye socket of Xiao Ning Er, but also is in tears, suddenly faces forward several steps, throws to the Nie Li bosom, felt that Nie Li Aura, she felt is calm and steady and steadfast.
Nie Li has gawked, immediately has patted the shoulder of Xiao Ning Er, cared that asked: „Went to Heavenly Note Sect, do some people bully you? If some people bully you, I help you tidy up
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Noble and beauty of Xiao Ning Er, made the feeling that she also somewhat felt inferior, what person was this young girl Nie Li? Why does not know, her at heart somewhat agitated feeling. Is grasping one glass of liquor, tosses down.
Li Hangyun sees this, but light smiles, Nie Li has traded many things with him in the back, strengthened his strength enormously. He attaches importance to cooperation with Nie Li more and more, since Nie Li has such ability, that many 1-2 beautiful young girls, was not the strange event.
Sees is Nie Li, the Murong Yu eye pupil slightly narrows the eyes unexpectedly tiny, projects wisp of cold brightness, has not thought that unexpectedly will meet Nie Li in here, is really the enemies often cross each other's path. Such situation, he wants to suppress Nie Li is unlikely, before heard Xiao Ning Er from Tiny World. He had guessed that what has not thought that this Xiao Ning Er unexpectedly is really the Nie Li woman.
Sees Xiao Ning Er to go to the bosom of Nie Li, Ye Xuan smiles bitterly unavoidably constantly, no wonder this all the way Xiao Ning Er looks straight at to him does not look at one, originally Xiao Ning Er already the heart had the
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„Zi Yun hasn't she come?” Nie Li inquired Xiao Ning Er low voice.
„Zi Yun she practices in a Heavenly Note Sect mystical place, this time comes me not to have the means to contact with her.” Xiao Ning Er answered.
„Um.” Nie Li nodded, gaze is distant, does not know that what mystical place Zi Yun did enter, the recent situation how?
At this moment, Li Hangyun walked toward here, looked at Nie Li saying: „Can I sit here?”
„Ok.” Nie Li has smiled saying with a smile.
Gu Bei and Li Hangyun look at each other, greeted mutually, Gu Bei and Li Hangyun, although has heard the opposite party, does not have anything to contact, the first time, because Nie Li has bumped into one.
„Can we sit in here?” Ye Xuan and Murong Yu walked, Ye Xuan is pointing by the Xiao Ning Er two vacancies, asked with a smile.
Saw Ye Xuan, Xiao Ning Er wrinkled the brow, this Ye Xuan talked with all her the way repeatedly, she has not paid attention, by her intelligence, is impossible not clear Ye Xuan intention, but this Ye Xuan also calculates that the manner had, well-mannered, did not calculate is disrespectful, therefore she did not have any malice to Ye Xuan, but Ye Xuan sat suddenly, she worried that Nie Li will