Xmas: Vice President of the United States and Late Furry Friend Essay

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Brooks Christmas Letter 2011
Let it be recognized, that my reading of this family’s Christmas letter last year, was very rudely and suddenly interrupted by the antics of a pesky feline, pawing at the window sill. I stand here before all of you and point out to you a very chilling and stern fact, that the before mentioned puss will not interrupt me this year nor will it ever be a nuisance to anyone again. You see our furry friend is now our late furry friend and I would like to say that maybe it was karma, perhaps ironic fate or just maybe; my beloved family, god was watching!
Well where to begin? What a year!
Do I let on about the pink elephant in the room…wait a minute, which one? This is far from a knock on the tremendous physical growth our family has seen, it is a figurative statement. The pink elephant being the truths we all know, but dare not say. I ask you then, outside of the girth growing underneath the bellies of all who are in attendance here today, what am I permitted to poke fun at? I will tread lightly. I will keep it light, I will keep it clean, neither of which are my favorite things…
Here goes…
I wish to start by remembering back to last year’s message and I turn to you, dad and I would like to say, “Told you so!” and I do not wish for fait to take my words and once again bludgeon the subjects I speak of, heads in, but I call your attention to our elders here today. I want this moment to be heard by everyone here and I want to point the spotlight on them. These two individuals are the two who have to set their alarm clocks in order to rise and awake the rooster. They are out the door in the morning before the rest of us have fallen into the deepest part of our slumbers and they will work, literally work, far after the stars dance among the night sky and the moon readies itself to say goodbye. These two are the last of a forgotten breed of tradesmen, hand crafters and professionals. We sit here and we witness although we pay no attention to the eldest Brooks’ here, both of whom work harder and longer than the rest of us. We may take inward looks; we may seek a mentor, a role model, a true confidant or friend and when the ones with the most experience and knowledge speak, we respond with ignorance. And if we do not, well then we are all the richer aren’t we? I would like your help with your praise and everyone’s applause, in recognizing on this day, both Steve and Lynette!
Now it is time for a little initiation or a lot of initiation.
Hmmm. Natalie.
I first met Natalie when she and Evelyn had just graduated the eighth grade. I believe that was last year if I am not mistaken. I called Natalie in and after a few minutes I gave her a job, well I really gave her two jobs. Let’s just say that she was quick to work herself up for promotion! I took a lesson from Mike, Mckenzie’s husband, the lesson being: It’s easy to date the help! Mike however took it a step further, he married the proletariat or for you Uof A alumn, the “oppressed worker.” He never realized that my cousin was a social climber and he should