Xmgt 216 Business Ethics Reflection Essay

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Gretchen Allickson
University of Phoenix

Moral values are not something you are born with, but rather something that somebody in your life needs to instill in you. So whether you learn them from a guardian in your early years or pick them up along the way, either way moral values are a necessary pallet of skills and knowledge to have in this world. If you do not hold moral values to a high standard, then you will most likely do wrong to someone who does not deserve it. Moral values keep allow people to trust and care for other people. So, when you do not have high moral values, chances are you are not trusted or liked by many people.
These are the people who steal, cheat, or harm
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I felt embarrassed to have just been caught in this fight, so I ended it and called my boss. He told us not to come back without the money bag, so there we were; at a stand-still. Trying to be nice, I suggested searching my car; perhaps it had fallen out somewhere in there. However, I found it even more suspicious that I was the only person searching my car, as Jordan just stood there; as if he knew that it was not in there. Then I suggested going back to his friend’s house and looking around outside, and asking them. He immediately stated in confidence that it is not there. Out of ideas and suggestions, I got upset and said straight to his face, “You better stop with the crap and get that money bag because I am not taking the fall for your actions.” And I left him there and went back to work without him. Upon my arrival, with no money bag and no Jordan, my boss was at a loss for words. I told him everything, the whole story as I knew it, including my suspicions of Jordan. He was not too surprised, however he was not happy that I had just left him on the street and he went to go get him and ask him about his side of the story. Apparently, he told my boss that I had taken the bag from him at the last house and he felt that I had stolen it. With both of us pointing fingers at the other person, my boss had no clue who to believe anymore. We were both sent home. I was sick to my stomach with