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Need advice about taking acid for the first time?I am 22 years old and a college student.. I smoke bud pretty much everyday and love going into the mountains and national forest to smoke.. its peaceful for me to see nature and enjoy smoking the herbs :) and swim in the streams. I have only tripped on shrooms twice before.. the first was in a chocolate form and i felt much more confused and anxious (I was not mentally prepared and got very sketched out) so my first trip on shrooms wasnt good.. relatively speaking.. One time this past summer after going into the national forest so many times to take in the spectacular views I decided to trip on shrooms up there. I only ate .9 of a Gram of some high grade shrooms.. I ate them and started a hike with friends. By the time we got to the overlook and the waterfall swimming hole, I was on a euphoric trip in nature. I absolulty loved how the mountains looked and it gave me such a lord of the rings/ smurfs / fairy tale trippy vibe. the visuals were great! I very much felt like I was being pulled away from conventional reality and I was just a wild man alone running through some far away enchanted forest.. I had all of these thoughts about self evaluation about family, relationships and goals. I am a pretty smart and educated person and I wouldn't classify my self as a "DRUGGY" just like to enjoy natural smoke and enjoyed my shroom trip in the mountains. I would have to say I didnt really like the feeling of my thoughts being so…