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Yang Duan
BUSM 304
Assignment 3

1. Analysis of your Target Audience
Customer Profile:
One of the customer names is Kevin Johnson. He is 24 years old, from CA, America. Kevin works in a Bank and annual income is about $60,000. He is outgoing, loves outdoor sports and has lots of friends who love to do adventure travel together.

Adventure travel is typically grouped into two categories -- "hard" and "soft" adventures. Hard adventures involve some kind of extreme and often dangerous sporting activity. Paragliding, rock climbing, surfing, spelunking and scuba diving in remote and exotic locations are some examples of a hard adventure. Soft adventures are leisurely, often educational and don't involve hazardous and strenuous adventures. Culinary and wine tours, bird watching, architectural tours and religious pilgrimages are activities that are likely to be found on a soft adventure. Our company will focus on “hard” adventures.

People who want experience an amazing tour with a little risk will like adventure travel. Most of consumers are working all week long sitting in the office, during the weekend; they want to feel the nature. What the customers want to buy from us are the amazing nature environment, certain foreseeable or controllable risk with the tour and a challenge of individual ability. Most of the consumers are young men who have certain economic basis. Our products are abundant for customers to choose, such as skydiving, jack pack, rock climbing. Customers can pay by cash or cards. The busy season for adventure travel is summer time. Since our project takes place in Hawaii, there is no typical winter period, so both of summer time and Christmas holiday are busy season for us. The customers can reach us both online and the office we have in downtown.

2. Description of the product: The waves at Waimea Bay roar. From the safety of the shore you watch as surfers shoot out of the barrels of these collapsing walls of pounding surf. One thing’s for sure: these surfers are fearless.

From watching the harrowing winter waves of the North Shore to taking your own surf lesson in the calm waters of Waikiki, adventure on Oahu begins at sea. Oahu’s 112 linear miles of shoreline create endless possibilities for world-class water activities. Every sea adventure you can think of is a possibility on Oahu: boating, diving, snorkeling,