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I enjoy shopping at yard sales because it is a fun thing to do on the weekend with my family, there are usually great deals on items, and sometimes at yard sales you can get vintage items that you can’t buy at a store. Yards sales are fun because you can either walk from sale to sale or drive from sale to sale with your family. The enjoyable part of going to yard sales is that you can spend time with your family and make jokes of some things you see at some sales and just have a good day of shopping. Yard sales are a great place to find great deals, but to get the best deals on items sometimes you have to go to a better part of town to buy items in which you can’t normally afford. The great deals on items also depend on how badly the owner of all the items want to sell them because some sales have cheap items while other sales have really expensive items. Normally if I want the best deals on an item I will bargain the item down in price just so I can save money and get a great deal. The main thing people go to garage sales for is to get old items in which they can’t buy at the store anymore. Many people that go to garage sales usually only go to the ones that catch their eye. In many cases the items are old antiques, baseball cards, coins, vases, old toys and items that they remember from their childhood. Most of those items are ones in which they can’t just run to the store and pick up anymore. Instead they have to search around until they find the old item in which they