Yawar Fiesta Arguedas

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Yawar Fiesta by José María Arguedas is a story about a rural town named Puquio located in Peru. There is a constant struggle between traditional customs that originate from the Indians and the foreign intervention by the Subprefect with orders from the government to civilize their bullfighting tradition to the likes of Spain. The countryside is farther behind Lima, however it is evident that the people have admiration for Lima. Arguedas hopes Peru can modernize and catch up to countries that he considers less barbaric, while including the Natives in the movement. I believe Arguedas uses his novel to encourage Peru. This novel can help Peru achieve its noble goal by displaying the pride and efficiency natives can contribute, and showing that …show more content…
In the bullfight “no one could compare to the brave men from Pichk’achuri,” however there is still a rivalry between the two. The K’ayau people believe “nothing is impossible for allyu,” and they could “might even be carrying a big mountain down to the ocean sea.” This strong belief and bravery is a valued and an admirable trait. This leads them to ask “do you think Indian community’s scared of a dumb bull?” This great bravery may not be made of great use in this scenario to the advancement of the country, and is quite the contrary referring back to barbaric ways; however, Arguedas shows the extent that these natives will go to to prove their fearlessness. This trait can be honed in and put to more useful tasks as he describes their efficiency in completing infrastructure projects. The towns people, mainly Indians, built the Nazca-Puquio highway stretching “one hundred and eighty miles in twenty-eight days! By popular initiative, without government support.” The people were fascinated with the trucks that came through the town after, and felt a great sense of pride that they were able to organize and achieve an amazing feat. The natives feel “We Indians know how to protect ourselves from the wind, from the rain, from the lightning ray, from the storm.” This is an example of how this belief can be channeled into advancing society by improving infrastructure. This can help people understand the Indians proudness and how powerful it can