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YAWP-Women are Persons

Up until 1929, women were not considered persons. They were not able to work, nor were they treated as equal as men. They were portrayed as stupid and were not allowed to take part in any political activity.
In 1929, when women were finally considered as persons, it was a small s park of hope for women to get their rights and equality. It may have been a small step closer, but for those women who really truly believe in what they deserve it was a giant leap to getting it their way and to getting fairness and equality. Today, because of the Persons Case, women are now able to say what they want to say, are able to stand up for themselves and now almost over 50% of the workforce population is women. Ever since 1976, the percentage of women in the workforce has gone up by a lot.
Today, both men and women are being educated and are engaged in the work force.
Back in the 1950’s, women had only earned around 60% of men what earned. But why?
Weren’t they the same? Look inside yourselves. Inside both genders there's veins, lungs, a heart, so why? We’re all humans no matter what. We’re the same! In Canada the average wage gap is around 18¢, but there shouldn’t be a wage gap at all. Both genders do the same work, work the same hours and yet men get paid more. Why? Because women's labour is seen as “less skilled” than men, so therefore they get paid less to do the same thing.

I don’t understand why men are seen as big powerful lions controlling

the jungle while women are seen as submissive ants, carrying leaves on their back all day and still going unnoticed.
Another problem that occurs with women is the media. I watch a lot of movies, or television in general, and what I’ve noticed is that women have became a major sex symbol in the media.
Women in the media are being so objectified that it makes “regular” girls and women feel as though they have to conform and dress or look a certain way to get what they want or to get someone to like them.

And it's not fair. The media is bringing women down to a level where men feel like it's okay for them to use women in a sexual way or to use them in a way that makes women not feel like a lady anymore but more like a toy. Getting played with and then after a while once their man becomes bored, all of a sudden they’re treated like trash. Have you ever noticed how almost every magazine or you see in retail or grocery stores, all of the people on there are mostly women, and most of their women are either in the kitchen doing some type of chore or being used as a sex object. Women are everywhere in the media we consume everyday, and most of that media is very negative, misleading and puts an idea in girls’ minds that makes them feel like what they see on tv or what they view in advertisements is a standard of beauty, perfection and that they can’t measure up to.
The worst out of all of these is the violence that happens against women. 70% of women in most countries have either experienced or know someone that has experienced any type of physical and or sexual violence, and this is an issue that needs to be stopped.
Those women feel worthless and feel as if they don’t matter. They probably feel like their emotions and mental state is a thrashing hurricane on the inside. Feelings such as those can lead to self harm and even suicide.
Violence against women and girls is big problem that goes with gender-inequality and