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Yazzmin Duran
World History
10 September 2014
The Renaissance The Renaissance had a big positive affect towards Europe, since it was the beginning of a new age. It was the revival of art ,literature, and learning. In fact , the Renaissance took place during the 14th century and extended to the 17th century. Everything practically revolved around humanism during this time period. Humanism emphasized the idea of flexible thinking , being open to all of the possibilities in life, and the importance of each individual. Art , religion, government and literature all contributed to the Renaissance in one way or another. This allowed Europe to change from being medieval to being modern. Art had a dramatic change due to the Renaissance. Before the 14th century , it was generally assumed that only religious imagery was created. These paintings included biblical scenes and portraits of saints. Once the Renaissance began , artists started creating work such as nude human forms, linear perspectives, and atmosphere perspectives. The three most popular artists of the revival is Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Raphael. Michelangelo is known for his creation of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, David , The Last Judgment ,and Pietà. He was a sculptor , painter, poet, and architect. Leonardo Da Vinci’s notable works include the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Vitruvian Man ,and Lady with an Ermine. He is well known for being in the fields of art and science. Lastly, Raphel’s best piece was called The School of Athens. He was know for being a painter and architect. In conclusion, the Renaissance caused artists to come out of their comfort zones and create different pieces of art. Not only did the renaissance change art but also religion. The revival introduced new scientific values that began to overthrow traditional religious beliefs. This caused people to accept a new rational and objective approach towards reality. The first step was to move away from religious and folk superstitions. The Renaissance caused the awakening of science. Before the awakening, people were not able to state any new ideas or beliefs. However they began voicing new ideas due to the revival. Humanism allowed for an individuals idea to influence society as a whole. Martin Luther also had an important role when it came to religion. He revolted against the catholic church by writing a document called the 95 Thesis. This document stated the things that the catholic church was doing wrong. His revolt caused the protestant reformation. This caused people to move away from the catholic church and star their own church groups. Religion contributed a great deal to the Renaissance. The government of the 14th century had also changed. The Renaissance was brought on by liberalism and called for freedom and equality which led to the rise of democracy. The government was ran by powerful and wealthy families. The two most famous ruling families were the Medici family of Florence and the Borgia family of Rome. The Medici family came to power in 1434 ,while the Borgia family came to power in 1431. The Borgia