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Caselets and Case Study
2 x 1% of Course Grade (In-Class Caselets) / 5% of Course Grade (Take Home Case Study)
Case Study analysis is an effective way to develop critical thinking skills as well as apply curricular knowledge to real-world problems. In this course, you will be introduced to the case analysis framework, and explore at an introductory level how to approach cases through gathering knowledge/data and exploring relevant dimensions to a case. You will have the opportunity to practice two cases in-class before attempting a case on your own.
Caselets and Case Study
The in-class caselets are abbreviated cases that focus on fewer business issues and where the viable alternatives to solving the case are relatively easy to determine. These caselets provide guided questions to help you identify the type of issues you need to focus on, whereas a ‘normal’ case typically only describes the business story and does not provided guided questions at the end, leaving you as the case reader to decide which questions to ask and how to proceed. The two caselets should provide enough practice to help you get to the point of submitting a case write-up at the end of the semester, where you will demonstrate your ability to discern the key business issue from a case, suggest alternatives for moving forward and identify important decision criteria.
Caselets0% 0.5% 1% MARK
Overall (C) Incomplete. Complete, but unexplained responses to case questions. Complete and satisfactory responses to case questions that show original insight and research (when appropriate). Caselet responses are submitted via Blackboard, by the assignment due dates.
Case Study 0% 0.5% 1% MARK
Data collected (R) Little reference to case material