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“Should governments globally be doing more to stop the black market trade of exotic animals?”
Right now, I’m sure almost every one of you know that in the picture behind me, it is a Rhino. In fact it is a white rhino.
-have cute rhino, this is blah blah blah, next slide this is the after math of what humans are doing
- purpose about why you’re talking about this
Right now if I sifted through the internet, I would be able to connect myself to a dealer online and buy exotic and wild animals. It is quite scary and frankly disgusting that there are people out there capturing these innocent animals, plucking them from their natural habitat and selling them to people who are completely oblivious to what wildlife are truly like.
The practice of importing and exporting wild and exotic animals as pets has been happening for decades, and normally the animals involved are apart of a fad at the time. Everything from the smallest reptile to a full-grown tiger can be sold to anyone for the right price. However, most owners don't realize the huge responsibility they are inheriting and committing themselves to when they purchase these exotic pets, and there's rarely a happy ending for the animal. When it gets to that stage, the once partially loved pets often end up in cages where they are neglected or abused and often die, further endangering every species.

How much effort it takes to appeal a case to the state of law to catch poachers and dealers
Rules and protections that aren’t obeyed
How quickly the animals are becoming endangered because of the trade; rarest species are being sold into death
Stricter penalties for being caught
Fifth largest contraband trade $19 billion dollar industry, placing just after narcotics
About stats including: 52 percent of wildlife populations around the world have disappeared since