Year 13 Classical Civilisation Essay Writing 2

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Year 13 Classical Civilisation Essay Writing: Understanding the markscheme and planning your work

Level 5 Responses Demonstrate (37 – 40 marks):
Well chosen accurate and relevant knowledge from different sources
Focus on the task
Coherent and perceptive understanding
The ability to sustain a clear central argument which: compares the texts in depth is analytical and or evaluative in its focus has a clear and logical structure reaches a reasoned conclusion makes use of specialist vocabulary when appropriate

Level 4 Responses Demonstrate (27 – 36 marks):
Generally accurate and relevant knowledge
Focus on the task – on the whole
Sound understanding of many aspects of the task
The ability to develop an argument which: makes connections and comparisons is generally analytical is broadly appropriate to the question mainly supports comment with detail has a clear and coherent structure makes general uses of specialist vocabulary – where appropriate

Level 3 Responses Demonstrate (17 – 26 marks):
A range of accurate and relevant knowledge
Some understanding of some of the aspects of the question
Some evidence of analysis
Some ability to structure a response – using appropriate language
Some ability to use specialist vocabulary when appropriate

Essay Question: How far do Herodotus and Aeschylus succeed in giving the Greeks and the Persians national identities in The Histories and The Persians? Support your answer by reference to both texts. (40 marks)

Main Development:


Essay Question: ‘Aeschylus’ concerns were with poetry, ritual and celebration rather than telling a good