year 6 story Essay

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The sky parted with a terrible roar as the lightning bolt tore downwards cleaving a mighty baobab in two as if it were a small piece of firewood. The siblings of the grand, luxurious house called Rexa, overlooking the Amazon in Brazil, were watching a movie. It was twilight and Kim and Sarah were just about going to go to bed. Kim was closing her eyes when suddenly she was woke up by her mum who was shouting to her and her sister :
“go to sleep !”
“but it is nearly finished” they cried (which was not true !)
Their mum came and turned off the TV.
They lived in a big, long house with doors which led to unused rooms. Try to find their rooms took so long that the girls fell asleep en-route…
When kim and Sarah’s mum had finished washing up, she went to check on them. She entered their room slowly but suddenly realised that they were not there. She looked everywhere, in the cupboards, in the empty rooms but they were nowhere to be found. The only thing Eleanor (which was the mum’s name) saw was muddy footsteps that stopped at the door of an empty room. Eleanor was in such despair and didn’t know what to do…
The girls had no clue about their mum’s anxiousness since they had woken to find themselves in the middle of the rainforest.
“Where are we ? “ asked Sarah.
It was damp and foggy and there were insects and colourful birds flying around. Kim started to explore. There was something very mysterious about this place. There were toadstools and tree trunks. The toadstools…