Year 7 Bench Ball Tournament Essay

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Year 7 Bench Ball Tournament.

Group Planning:
Whilst planning the tournament, everyone was allocated certain jobs to complete. This made sure that everything was completed and organized ready for the tournament. This method of planning was successful, as it didn’t cause any arguments or confusion within the group. However I think to improve as a group we need to fix the umpiring schedule, as it didn’t work out on the day. In spite of this, we managed fix it quickly and effectively in time for the tournament.

Personal Planning:
My job that I was given was to advertise the tournament along with Mia and Alice. We managed to create eye-catching posters and leaflets to put in the form packs. The posters were clear and informative including all the relevant information needed about the day. This was successful because it made the year 7s want to be involved rather than it being a compulsory activity. To improve next time I will contribute more to the other sections of planning to get it done quicker; for example taking on two tasks each.

Group Tournament:
During the tournament I feel the whole group was good at dealing with fallouts between friendship groups. We dealt with it quickly and fairly so no more arguments were caused during the day; for example, when a student didn’t want to participate and caused an argument we sorted it out. To improve for next time I think we should keep the students from going into the other side of the net and out the doors. This made the teams