Year Of Peru

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“Year of Peru”

The following “Year of Peru” assignment I personally attended was the film Pantaleón y las visitadoras, created in 2000, and directed by Francisco Lombardi. The film was shown on November the tenth at six thirty pm in the social science building in room 1019. The professor presenting the film was Ernesto Pierre Silva, the assistant professor and Spanish Coordinator of the Latin American/Latino Studies program.
The film takes place in the Amazon jungle and follows a Peruvian army captain named Pantaleon Pantoja, who is chosen by his superior officers to set up a special service of ‘visitors’, a program to satisfy the sexual needs of the Peruvian army troops. Pantaleon is upset about his assignment at first, but in order to stop the troops from manhandling the locals, he promptly puts together a very successful and organized team of ‘visitors’. He basically rounds up about twenty to thirty of the nearest towns prostitutes and has them service 200 + military men. After finding out that this service is running very smoothly, Panteleon plans on getting fifty to a hundred ‘visitors’ to service the thousands of military men. Pantaleon is tempted by one of the ‘visitors’ and ends up cheating on his pregnant wife. She then finds out about the affair through the local radio station, because Pantaleon gets blackmailed to pay the local radio DJ to shut his mouth about the affair, but doesn’t and gets exploited over the radio.
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