Year Round School Research Paper

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Don’t you hate coming back from summer break only to find out that you don’t really remember much of what you learned the previous year? Public schools in the United States should switch to a full year school schedule with school 9 weeks and a 3 week long break. Students would attend school the same amount of days, but the days would be arranged differently. Year round school helps with test scores, avoids people getting sick of school, and will let us catch up to Europe and Asia in education.
First of all, students and teachers would get sick of school less quickly. With a regular schedule it’s easier for students and teachers to get “burnt out” on school (Tyler Weaver), because they have longer, more common vacations than they would with a regular schedule. With breaks that are more common students and teachers have more time for themselves to relax and be refreshed by the time they get back to school.
Secondly, year round school gives students higher test scores. With a summer break school year they forget much of what they learned the previous year (Andrea Therese Winkelmann) causing teachers to have to spend more time doing review and less time giving their students new information. You’re more likely to forget those geometry formulas over 3 months instead of 3 weeks. Year round school will help students retain information.
Furthermore, year round school will allow us to catch up to the rest of the world in education. Health research funding says, “Students become more globally competitive because they’re well provided with education.” Education in other parts of the world is higher than in America. American students will be able to more easily produce knowledge, and will be able to catch up to Europe and Asia in education.
Lastly, opposers say that year round school gets in the way of student schedules. However, students can ask their employer to work around their schedule. Many employers would be happy to do so. Families can also schedule their vacations during their