Year Round Schooling Essay

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Traditional Schools, the better choice Traditional Schools are open weekdays and the school year lasts for about nine months with weekends off, there are many half-days, holidays and breaks shuffled in the middle of the school year, and in the end of the nine month period the students and teachers get to enjoy a relaxing three month long summer break. In year-round schools, as the name states, the school is open year round, there are no other breaks other than the usual three week breaks that are spilled throughout the year. Traditional schools are short, quick and fast, they also provide enough time for the teachers and students to learn, understand and stay focused on the topics taught. Year round schools are long and lengthy and go on throughout the whole year. When there finally is a break, it disrupt the ongoing learning process, teachers are left hanging, the information given to the students vanishes over the time and entire sections and entire chapters have to be taught, learnt and tested on over again, wasting time for the teachers and the students. The year round schedule also takes away a lot of funding from students and instead of using the money to develop skills of students in extracurricular activities the money has to be spent on electricity, air conditioning and heating companies. Parents have to be cheated and the cheap system does no good for students. The year-round schedule also makes it hard for students to pay for their own selves as getting a job in a…