Yeep: Grammatical Person and Physical Activities Essay

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Everyone participates in physical activities, whether it's after school sports or just jogging around the neighborhood and, because there are so many to choose from, not everyone plays the same way. Age and gender are major factors in activity people may choose to do. But, what about cultural differences? Different people have different culture, therefore, each culture has an impact on which physical activities individuals participate in to stay healthy.
My first person I interviewed was a seventeen year old male and very active. This person is an African-American and plays basketball. He chose basketball because he grew up playing it with his older brothers. He liked playing for hours and making new friends as well. He enjoyed playing a sport that interacted with other people, one you could make friendships in while becoming active and stronger.
The second person I interviewed was 68 and female. She is Caucasian and a little bit active, she participates in walking every morning to start her day. She likes the stamina she can do and how easy it is. She likes the alone time to relax and clear their mind. Choosing to participate in an activity by themselves, as opposed to a team sport or activity.
The third person I interviewed was 25 years old, male, and Asian. He loves to run in marathons, they are very active and enjoys running in a group. They chose to run because it is fun to him and he loves doing it with other people. He enjoys the social interaction. He has