Yellow Wallpaper

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The Yellow Wallpaper
In the Yellow Wallpaper; John, who is the narrator's husband, is clearly dominant over his wife, cold hearted and sympathetic at times. The character trait of John shows how many husbands are similar to him in this generation. A lot of women are being abused by their husbands or being mistreated around the world to this day with an unhappy relationship.
John was a dominant husband over his wife through many examples. The most important one that showed John to be powerful over his wife was when he locked her up inside a room all by herself. This showed how much control he had over his wife. The bars on the window that was put up by him also showed his dominance over her. John's wife was shown to be looking through the bars on the window feeling sad and lonely. This shows that John's actions had a deep impact on his wife's emotions, and he did not realize that his own actions pushed her over the edge of insanity. John had also taken away her child away from her, and also had taken away her identity as a woman. John would force her to hide her feelings, and was especially against her writing her feelings out. Though he wants the best for her, he makes every decision regarding her life, right down to whom she gets to hang out with and to where she gets to sleep.
Secondly, John is also revealed to be cold hearted at times. For example, he mocks openly at his wife's fancies and is unable to understand her true nature. Just as any husband should, John doesn't take the time to understand and comprehend where his wife is coming from and figure out her creative imagination. Moreover, He treats her in a childish manner, and refers to her as his “blessed little goose” and “little girl.” Most husbands and wives call and treat each other respectfully, unlike John. In addition, when John's wife attempts to discuss her unhappiness with the situation in a mature manner, he refuses to accept her as an equal and simply carries her back up to the nursery for more bed rest. He treats her harshly not because he doesn't like her but because he believes in a strict division between men and women. He feels that men work outside of the home, as he does, while women like Jennie, his sister, and Mary, the nanny, tend to the house.
Lastly, although John is shown to be the villain of the story, he can also be seen as a more of a sympathetic character. For example, in order to cure his wife from depression, he feels that the country air would restore her senses and that separation from others