Yellowstone National Park and Spoons Arnold Essay

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As Rhonda Arnold travels around the country, she wants a remembrance of where she has been, what she has seen, or even whom she has met. One popular way that she keeps these memories is through collector spoons. They are inexpensive and can be found at a wide variety of shops. Rhonda Arnold has about 180 spoons in her collection, most she has collected herself. Some have also been given to her by family and friends who have traveled. Many of the spoons Arnold has collected are from her family members. “My favorite spoons are from my children when they travel.” said Arnold. She said that she has also obtained some from her other family members: such as her parents, in-laws, husband, and many more. Arnold can’t remember her first spoon, but she does remember all the memories that come along with the spoons. “Every time I see my spoon from Yellowstone National park,” she said, “I think about the time we were camping and it was 70oF one day, then it was snowing the next morning.” Arnold’s most expensive spoon is made of pewter, and she bought it for $8. She said that even though stores put a price on the spoons, after being bought, they have no resale value, only sentimental value. One thing that is surprising is that if you were to look at her collection, you would find only one fork. The spoons Arnold has collected come from all over North America. They are places as close as Duluth, MN, or Milwaukee, WI, and from places as far as Honolulu, Hawaii, or Toronto, Canada. Some of the silliest spoons are from faraway places. One of the spoons from Hawaii has a…