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Name: Yeo Yung Seong Public Relations
A new nuclear power plant that the government proposes constructing near Torness has attracted divergent view on its descent from different quotas of stakeholders. Everyone has concerns that are pertinent to them and feel the need to clear the identified issues (Hatheway 1979, p.79). However, it is imperative to appreciate the concerns from all quotas regarding the pros and cons of the construction of the plant. The anticipated reduction in prices of electricity tariffs is one of the pillars that the financiers and the UK government are riding upon in fronting the idea. The support for the project is largely because the China government and other investors will invest their money in this infrastructure and allow it to amortize (Badiru, 1996, p.97).
From previous experiences on nuclear energy, the major concerns have been the disposal of nuclear waste and the imminent dangers it poses to the people around where the plant is situated. The potential of fatalities in case of a mishap like were the case in Fukushima (Woodward, 1997, p.79). A thorough environmental audit is very necessary for such an environment, and the most important part is how to contain waste nuclear material without contaminating the environment. There is no doubt about the efficiency of nuclear energy but how suitable is the waste disposal process is imperative. This information should be available to the stakeholders as soon as it should be to ensure that everything take place according to the set timeline.
Choice of stakeholders

The stakeholders who are essential in this communication are the people who reside in Torness. The major concern in the case is any chances of being resettled elsewhere without affecting their businesses and any other of their operations. Therefore, the communication process must address all the fears of this group of stakeholders satisfactorily. The proposal that my agency is putting across will be the publication in the dailies and perhaps one forum once a week in the mainstream media where the various aspects of the whole project will be discussed (Binder, 2007, p.37). During this forum, involved actors will collect views from the public as a way of engaging them and having them understand the economic aspect of this project. It is through these forums that the residents of Torness will express their views and be heard. Equally, the option of addressing the people will have to be considered with the help of the political leaders of UK and let the people embrace the advances of EDF Company (Richman 2006, p.72).
Since this is a long-term project, some of the issues need to be expedited, and a clear course of action known early enough. The reason why the residents are the most appropriate stakeholders is the fact that they are the one to be relocated and so if they chose to protest against the progression of this project, not even the word of the politicians or the UK government will hold waters. Involved actors will equally obtain names of the people who are the stakeholders from a database as a gesture of the seriousness with which this matter is treated. The same names will be used to allocate priority to the stakeholders once the jobs will be opened and be considered for permanent positions after completion of the project (Badiru 1996, p53).
Actors should as well communicate some of the arguments for the project to the stakeholders is the jobs that will be available in the course of setting up this plant. The 900 permanent jobs coming after completion of the project, and the 25000 new jobs that will be available during the ten years that the project will be under construction should come out clear when engaging the stakeholders.
Convincing stakeholders to see the better side of this project will save the parliament the trouble of accepting the project among themselves and going ahead to convince the people of Torness. The citizens of Scotland will not feel