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Back when I was in middle school, someone showed me a video about china. They said that China has such a high population that, if you are told that you are one in a million in china, there may be as many as thirteen thousand other people just like you. this got my attention to say the least. They continued to say that the top two percent of the smartest kids in school in China was equal to the number of students total in America . China is huge and they are only getting bigger. We see this everyday in the growing number of imported products. They are not just growing in number, however, but in wealth as well. Some estimate that China will have a larger GDP than the U.S. in less than twenty years. Knowing these things, I would consider myself irresponsible if I didn't increase my knowledge of China, and I feel that this program is my best opportunity to do so. This program is exactly what I need to learn more about the "dragon of the east" and as a business major, I believe that this will greatly lend to my understanding of international relations in business. The world is only becoming more and more internatinal, and strong international experience is the most important thing that I could give myself to maintain a competitve edge in the future job market. Diversity is also a huge consideration. A person that can expand the horizons of their mind is more capable of looking at problems in new ways, better at recognizing possible threats, and overall more equipped to handle a larger variety of situations than a person who has not been exposed to those experiences. If I am going to do business with China, which given the facts seems to be a very safe assumption, I want more