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Isaac Chezem
Professor Yun
English 201
2 September 2013
Football: Isaac's game
I was first in line this year to get my brand new helmet and pads, but no amount of new gear could make 118 degree weather comfortable; air so hot and humid it could choke you just to breath it. The smell of fresh cut grass brings back memories from last year as I take that long walk from the locker room to the field. It's the first day of two-a-days and all incoming juniors on the varsity team look excited. They have no idea what there about to experience. The first practice of two-a-days is always hell. Coaches are trying to make kids quit so they don't have any weak links. They cut the team down to see who the real athletes are. It's all something I've come very accustomed to. I love that feeling. That feeling like your hearts going to burst out of chest. Knowing the coaches eyes are on me. I'm a veteran, they have seen me play since little league, they know what I'm capable of, and they want me to show it. Drill after drill we practiced; ladders and tire flips and form tackling. All I could do was think how excited I was for the first game. The feeling of almost sickness because your so eager to win. When you get that brand new jersey. That no matter how skinny or fat you are, it never fit quite right. I remember my first game as a varsity player. The day before I had just beat out the senior for his position to start. I was so excited to start my first game as a junior. All I wanted was to make coaches proud and get a “W”. On the first play on defense I could already tell this was going to be a tough opponent. Righetti high school has never been this tough before. They changed up there whole offense, hired all new coaches and all of there plays. We are not ready for this at all so are immediately caught off guard. I'm playing middle line backer and cant make reads because its an offense i've never seen before. there is two guards pulling and i dont know which one im supposed to be reading. I get a couple nice tackles here and there bit nothing game changing. All I want is the crowd to be quiet so I can think. Theresa bout a thousand people there And the crowds going crazy. Righetti hasn't beat atascadero since time has began. The score is 14 -0 and I am petrified. 34 seconds seconds left in the first half and there not holding back. They go for as deep pass and I read the tight end perfect the quarter back back throws to him. A pass I feel was in the air for hours. This guy was faster than me so I was just looking at him. I was reading his hips and his eyes and I could tell that when the ball was close his eyes got super big. As that happened I put my hands in his face and jumped as high as I possibly could while sprinting. I felt the ball hit that back of my hand and I could see the ball hit the ground. I was so happy because the ball was in the corner of the end zone and I knew he would caught it under any other circumstance. I run off the field for halftime and my coach pulls me aside. All he says is “you saved us dude, that was a game changer” In the locker room were getting reemed. Coaches going on and on about how were not reading and not hitting our holes. Were giving them as much detail of what we see as we possibly can. All I can see is my brothers with there heads down taking big gasps of breath. I stand up and tell every single one of them to keep there head up and that there no reason to think were losing football is a strategy sport. We have to learn off of what there doing. We have the knowledge now lets go back out there and slam it down there throat. We run through the banner and I can tell the mentality of the game has changed completely. The guys are more pumped and knowledgeable and ready. We kick to them they start off with the ball around the 25 yard line. The first play they did was a run and I stuffed in in the back