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Introduction to Theatre
Fall 2014


Course Section: A0
Meeting Time and Place: MWF 10:10am – 11am
Course Credit Hours: 3.00

Faculty Contact Information:
Asst. Professor Mark McGinley
Avery – 112
MWF 9am – 10 am
TTH 1:30pm – 3pm
& by appointment
PHONE (office) TBA
(cell) 865-387-1081 I. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Brief survey of the history of the theatre; elements of theatre; typical functions of the various personnel in theatre production; analysis of a play script; viewing and critique of live theatre performance.

II. Course Objectives:

A. Students will gain familiarity with theatre history.
B. Students will understand how to critique a theatrical production.
C. Students will be able to identify basic elements of staging and performance.
D. Students will gain insight into and first-hand experience with all aspects of a theatrical production.
III. Texts/Materials for the Course: (Suggested) Theatre: A Way of Seeing by Milly S. Baranger

IV. Course Requirements, Assessment (Learning Outcomes) and Evaluation Methods: Attendance is required in this course. All absences must be discussed with the instructor to determine points missed. Whenever possible the student should notify the instructor prior to not showing up in class. Be on time. Take all quizzes and exams. Participate in class discussions and group projects. Show respect at all times for instructor and peers. Cell phones, pagers, I-pods, etc. must be turned off prior to class. If any electronic device is activated during the class period you will be asked to leave. Lap tops may be used only during group work assignments. Complete all assignments. Participate in class discussions and group projects. Attendance of this semester’s production of Crimes of the Heart is mandatory.
Quote writing assignment 25 pts
Shakespeare writing assignment 25 pts
Crimes of the Heart writing assignment 50 pts
Quiz 1 25 pts
Quiz 2 25 pts
Quiz 3 25 pts
Directing project 25 pts
Set Design project 25 pts
Promotions project 25 pts
Costuming project 25 pts
Acting project/ Monologue 25 pts
Final exam 100 pts
Final Project 100 pts
Total 500 pts

500 – 450 pts A
449 – 400 pts B
399 – 350 pts C
349 – 300 pts D
299 pts and fewer F

Please note assignments; projects; etc. will not be accepted late. It is the student’s responsibility to discuss any extenuating circumstance with the instructor. Assignments must be submitted electronically if possible.

V. Methods of Instruction: The class will consist primarily of the lecture/discussion of the methods that go into producing a theatrical event, however there will be physical warm-ups and student led projects as well. Students will complete projects.

VI. Information Literacy/Technological Resources: Some projects will require the use of script material either provided by the instructor or located by the student(s). Multiple projects will include complete presentations.

VII. University Policies:

Students With Disabilities Policy: As a rule, all students must read and comply with standards of the LMU Student Handbook and LMU catalogue. Any student seeking assistance in accordance with the Americans Disabilities Act (1990 as amended) should contact the instructor and the Dean of Students, Robert Sabbatini, with regard to required documentation and in order to make appropriate arrangements. Contact information: and/or 423-869-6849 (800-325-0900 ext. 6849). Office is located on the third floor of the Student Center, room 308B.

Discrimination, Scholastic Dishonesty, Cheating, and Plagiarism Policies can be found in the student handbook:
LMU’s website:

Course Evaluations: In addition to meeting degree requirements specified in the