Essay on Yikes: Gender and Friendships

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English 032
July 19, 2011
Men –vs. - Women Friendships
I believe it to be a true statement that men and women can be as close friends as friends of the same sex. I believe this to be true for many reasons; with all my male friends our situations, discussions, arguments and even our disagreements are totally different than with a female friend. Having a friendship with a guy you know there isn’t too many things that will make him turn on you. I also believe this to be true because most personal issues that you discuss with friends of opposite sex, you’ll never here it again. I honestly feel men and women friendships can be as variable as women friendship or men friendships.
Many of my closet friends are male. Has been this way for years, and I definitely feel that the friendships I obtain with guys are closer friendships. More so than any friendships I’ve held with any female. I grew up around many friends of my same sex and many friends of the opposite sex, but only the male friends are still around. Even after being married and having kids, and families, my guy friends are still better for me. My opinion they make better more trusting friends.
I tend to be more comfortable discussing things with my males instead of females. We can talk about any and everything. Example, a few years back I told a secret to one of my guy friends an the same secret to my girl friend. Somehow the secret got out come to find out it was the women friend who “put my business” out like that. This is another reason while in my opinion men friends are just better and more trustworthy than any girlfriend I ever had.
Another example of my reasons for preferring men friendships over men friendship is because they understand me better. For some reason me and me see eye to eye, he