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Go Abroad

Recently, the rush of studying abroad has been gaining its popularity at an amazing rate. More and more students choose to attend universities and schools outside their home countries, then why studying abroad is so attractive to people. Because the foreign study experience enlarges a student’s view of the world, as well as improves one’s character. Those students are bound to benefit considerably from their foreign study experience.

Admittedly, we cannot ignore that studying has its drawbacks, every year those who have been studying in western countries have to spend approximately 15,000 US$ for tuition fees which are out of budget of average families. Because of the different language, communication is tough in a different country. For example, when we go abroad, it’s hard for us to order local food. It can become a days worth of work because of a language barrier. Also, we can’t ignore a big problem is that you are alone. Nowadays, although we can use Skype, Google Chat, texting or some other contact tools, but that doesn’t mean that these tools can help you navigate a new country. It is important to stay in touch with family. You will miss your parent’s faces and voices. When you are overseas, it is your own personal business to take a bus to school. Sometimes you will get lost, and feel out of control. Moreover, We have to face the barrier of communication because of the dissimilar lifestyle and teaching means adopted by the western schools.

Nevertheless, another side of coin of studying abroad is definitely exciting. Firstly, most of western universities, equipped with best facilities and well-educated professional team, can help students to have easy access to the latest knowledge of this society. When you return to your home countries, you will have enhance knowledge of technology, then you can serve your homeland. Secondly,