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Pursuing the chosen path

All humans have been using rhetoric since we were born to convince or persuade the people around us. Human babies cry persuading their parents to either feed them or comfort them. These are the simplest kinds of rhetoric. However, it comes a time on someone’s life where they need to have a strong rhetoric represented to influence someone in order for them to succeed in life. This is needed in situations like a job interview or applying for the most desired university. For me I needed the strongest rhetoric I can present when I was trying to convince my family that I was going to change my major at the age of 17. I needed a powerful rhetoric to convince them because after high school I was granted a scholarship to study medicine in one of the most prestigious schools in Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately, majors of scholarships in Saudi Arabia are assigned to students in basis for their GPA rather passion. Based on my GPA and my results for the university’s independent tests, I was granted a scholarship to study medicine which was perfect in my father's perspective because he is an anesthesiologist, and my two brothers, and sister are all practicing medicine. In addition, being a son of a family that consists of four doctors, my family has applied tremendous pressure to convince me to study in a Medicine as well. As I joined the school of medicine, I have strived to change my major to the career I want to pursue, which is a career in Entrepreneurship.

At that time, I was the teenager who does not know his best interest on my father's eyes. My father's disappointment about my decision leaving the medical school was going to demolish

his trust on my decisions about my future. Therefore, my Ethos or credibility on persuading my father was almost impossible. Thinking how could I rebuild my father’s trust again on my decisions, I came up with the idea of starting my own small business to prove to myself, and the people around me that this is my passion. I sold the car I had at that time, and invested all the money I had saved. I had to wake up every morning to go to different tailors in my city, borrowing my friends cars, to see who could make my designs perfectly for the best price. I made a 100 T-shirts in the beginning, and I sold them in two days in my neighborhood alone. For me this was so fascinating. After that I made 1000 T-shirts with the money I made selling the 100 T-shirts. After the success, I had a friend who knew the owner of the best clothing store in my city. After a meeting with the owner, he told me that he liked my clothing designs. He asked to buy