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Yu Lung Tseng
Career Research of Coach

Coaches of non-professional sports often work for schools or recreation programs. They teach individual and team sports, using their knowledge of sports techniques and players' abilities. They organize and lead indoor and outdoor games and tournaments. They explain and enforce safety rules. Some coaches help referee games. Other coaches give advice about how to treat injuries. (WOIS) Coaches and scouts need knowledge in the following areas:
Education and Training: Knowledge of teaching and the methods involved in learning and instruction.
Customer and Personal Service: Knowledge of providing special services to customers based on their needs.
English Language: Knowledge of the meaning, spelling, and use of the English language.
Psychology: Knowledge of people, their actions, and mental processes. This may include knowledge of how to treat emotional and behavioral problems.
Administration and Management: Knowledge of managing the operations of a business, company, or group.
Sales and Marketing: Knowledge of advertising and selling products and services.
Clerical: Knowledge of general office work such as filing and recording information.
Personnel and Human Resources: Knowledge of the department that is in charge of the relationship between a company and its employees. In particular, includes knowledge of the activities performed by the department. (WOIS)

University of Wisconsin, California State University provides the Physical Education degree. Those also have to finish the high school, then enroll in.

The picture that I attached shows the salary of the head coach

(Source: People have been more concern of the health situation and the professional sports. It’s meant the demand of coach is keeping grow up.

Career Research of Business Executive

The business executives are in charge of their organization, and work closely with a team of upper level staffs to achieve company goals. The business executives have to develop their relationship with other people beyond the organization. They have to train new staff, and oversee the budgets to control the company’s operation. According to WOIS, a business executive has at least a bachelor’s degree. Many have formal training in areas related to the type of company or agency where they work. After graduated from Pierce