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DMT: The most illegal substance Dimethyltryptamine or also known as DMT is an intense hallucinogenic drug. DMT is found in everything. It is the chemical that makes you dream. It can also be taken for a psychedelic experience. It is known as the spirit molecule. DMT is the most interesting chemical to learn about and the strongest one in the universe. Many tribes have been taking Dimethyltryptamine for hundreds of years, but it was first synthesized in 1931 by Canadian chemist Richard Helmuth Fredrick Manske. Amazonian tribes have used DMT for medicine and religious aid. It is a natural occurring chemical. It is a compound of the tryptamine family. The chemical formula is C12H16N2. It also has a very low melting point. When smoked, DMT’s effects will start in ten to sixty seconds. The effects are stronger then ketamine, shrooms, and LSD. The effects last 5 to 20 minutes. The first thing that will happen is hearing a ringing sound, after that the visual effects begin. It makes everything very brightly colored and has way more details. People that have taken it best describe it as being in a different dimension, they experience seeing spiritual and alien beings and realms. Others have said they experienced their own birth. While in this state the person’s blood pressure and heart rate rises, pupils dilate, and they have no perception of time. No matter the size of the dose all of those effects changed equally. Negative effects of DMT can be very common for first time users, they might experience an over whelming fear or just an overly-intense experience that they were not ready for. When smoked it can be very hard on the lungs and can cause stomach pains and discomforts. It also has a fast onset which can cause problems such as falling, dropping, and knocking things over. DMT is more illegal than coke and meth. It is classified as a schedule 1 drug under the UN 1971 Conyentiun on psychotropic substances. DMT is found in everything so it can be extracted from human brains, animals and grass. It can be made in the home and should not take longer than a couple weeks to make. A single dose of it goes for $10-$30, $100-$300 for a gram. Dimethyltryptamine users have gone up every year since 2006. An estimated 688,000 users in 2006 and six years later it is estimated 1,475,000 users in 2012. In 2000 people started taking trips to other countries