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Do Aliens Really Exist?

If you've ever looked up into the sky and wondered whether someone might be looking back, some scientists say you can stop wondering — because they're certain that alien life forms exist. Over the years and centuries that have gone past, there have been many rumours, speculations and apparent “evidence” about sightings or “proof” of aliens landing on our earth or passing through the Milky Way galaxy. It seems to be a continuous and desperate urge from scientist and ordinary people to fake evidence to try and prove that aliens exist. Not taking into consideration about what an alien really is, the process to get here and if they even exist. A alien is know to the average person as a weird human like thing that flies around in a Undefined Flying Object, know as a UFO. However it goes into much more detail and specification into what an alien truly is. According to Michio Kaku, a well know American Theoretical Physicist, a alien is “Alien is the opposite of native. An alien is anyone or anything (animal or plant) which is located where it doesn't belong or in a place other than its native habitat.” This meaning that an alien could be just a plant on another planet or a single chromosome species that could soon to develop and become “human like” just like we developed from a single chromosome.

Throughout the following Extended Research Task (ERT), information and displayed in desire to discuss the points above and many more including if it is even…