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Yo!Sushi was founded in 1997, they introduced the concept of Japanese ‘Kaiten’ sushi bar, offering food to customers via a motorised conveyor belt travelling 8 cm per second.
Founded in 1997, YO! Sushi brought the concept of a Japanese ‘kaiten’ sushi bar that delivered food to customers via a conveyor belt travelling 8cm per second to the masses, and became the original and most famous sushi in the UK. YO! Sushi was a brand new concept in dining and catapulted Londoners into the 21st century whibrand ch made us the most talked about dining experience. Our customers queued around the block as we gave the capital a slice of Urban Tokyo. The experience was fun and exciting, whilst the food was revolutionary and made lovingly, as AA Gill (Sunday Times) pointed out in his review stating it was “the best sushi in London" and Fay Maschler (Evening Standard) said she had “seen the future and it is fun".
By 2001, YO! Sushi was the market leader in sushi restaurants and (we like to think!) inspired supermarkets to start selling packaged sushi to the Great British Public, allowing people in areas where YO! Sushi restaurants hadn’t arrived yet to take their first steps in discovering how tasty and healthy sushi can be.
To this day, YO! Sushi’s dishes are freshly prepared in our restaurants daily by our nifty kitchen ninjas, whether to dine in, for takeaway. Although sushi is at the heart of our concept and brand, you can choose from over 80 Japanese inspired items, including delicious soups, rice or noodle-based dishes, salads, tempura and even hot classics like Chicken Katsu Curry, Salmon Teriyaki or Yakisoba noodles (some of our best sellers).
For the past 11 years YO! Sushi has been led by our CEO, Robin Rowland and with the help of our leadership team, we’ve grown from a London-only sushi brand to an international iconic success with over 70 restaurants worldwide. YO! Sushi is privately owned by Quilvest and the YO! Sushi senior management team in the UK, and we work with the very best franchise partners to bring YO! Sushi to locations internationally.
We serve over 5 million customers a year throughout the UK and across the globe in Dublin, Sintra, Dubai, and Kuwait … phew, now that’s a lot of maki rolling!

In 2008, Yog brought frozen yogurt to London for the first time, and since then, years of research, trials, and modifications have resulted in the recipe people love today (Yogyogurt, 2014). Yog is proud to offer a great tasting snack, with a healthy twist of natural flavours and handmade yoghurt, making for a tasty, enjoyable and healthy treat. The brand has won a number of awards such as the “guild of fine food honour”, which has cemented their presence in the UK market. Yog currently operates in 10 locations in the UK, with plans to expand elsewhere (Yogyogurt, 2014).

The market

The frozen yogurt market has been well established in the US, with an estimated value of £2billion, whilst in the UK, the market is steadily growing, and is forecasted to reach a value of £35-40million (Coolicious, 2014). The UK market is a fairly new market, and is expected to grow further as people begin to discover the product. In the UK, the market leader as of now is Coolicious. (Coolicious, 2014).

According to delicious magazine, ten other direct competitors are operating inside London (DeliciousMagazine, 2014). Alongside Yog, these ten are strictly and specifically frozen yogurt outlets, where as elsewhere, other big name brands such as Nandos have started to offer such desert within their deserts menu (Nandos, 2014). Other franchises have now started to offer frozen yogurt to be part of this growing market, with Sainsbury’s selling their branded arctic farm yogurts, whilst Ben & Jerry’s has also added frozen yogurt to its product mix (Independent, 2010)

Customer’s digital presence

The digital presence of Yog is not as impressive as its tasty treats. The firm’s webpage has included social networking links, and has even