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Yolanda Stewart
April 8, 2015
English /Essay Is Higher Education Worth The Price?

When I look around the world and see teens in high school who are living in poverty but trying their best to make it out of the system when they graduate high school, I feel bad because some have no money for college but those who excel in high school are able to find a way within Higher education so of course I feel that higher education is worth the price if you want to live a happy, prosperous and healthy life. According to the textbook, They Say I Say, it states that some people cite the practical benefits of college as providing professional education, enabling graduates to embark on high- paying careers. Others believe that college is not only about learning how to earn a living, important as that goal may be, but also about learning how to live. For some people, going to college is an experience in its-self knowing what is ahead when just graduating High School. Of course I feel that higher education is worth the price if you want to live a happy prosperous and healthy life. (They Say I Say)
It would feel good just knowing that you have the chance to be your own boss one day or even opening up your own practice due to a degree that you just received. Just imagine if you didn’t even get that higher education where you would be? It will probably be working some minimum wage job or doing something that you hate doing. Seeing how receiving a higher education is very beneficial, you may even get to meet and get influenced by students who definitely have already graduated school and have some success stories to share. Higher education will definitely have its perks you just have to be willing to do the work and sacrifice for it.
When it comes to higher education it is definitely worth the price, especially if you want to make a living as far as a job to support yourself and your family. I felt that I may not have been able to provide a good living atmosphere if I just dropped out of School and didn’t even get a diploma. How can I even provide for myself or my family with just a high school diploma and just get a 9 to 5 job? For example say I’m working at McDonalds and I’m full time, but even though one may be working full time they have rent, and utility bills to pay and one check does not pay for it all so I ended up living pay check to paycheck. On the other hand , whether one has a big family or single with a higher education, one can definitely provide with the right tools to get one’s family where needed able to provide.
I feel that higher education will provide a sense of security when it comes to making a living. This is so because having the fundamentals and knowledge from everything that I have learned in college. This will benefit in the long run especially when it comes to finding a job. Not everyone can say that they have a good job right out of high school. The jobs they may get will either be McDonald’s or some other type of fast food restaurant which even being single and having no children won’t make enough money for a good living because other jobs that are more advanced requires some type of degree and the job wants to make sure that you have the correct knowledge on the position. Also, while in higher education, many colleges have work study programs where one can start to earn money while attending school. Going to school is more of a perk to start making a living which is always a good thing especially if one is saving.
Now, let’s just say for instance that I didn’t graduate school and I ended up having a family of four; and that I was looking for jobs everywhere and I couldn’t get one because I didn’t have a high school diploma. Even the jobs that didn’t require a high school diploma wanted a type of degree for a specific occupation. In that instant, I would recollect all of my choices and go back to school because I want to provide the best for my family. Then again, if I