Yolngu Boy

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Yolngu Boy is a traditional film, which explores the friendship of three teenage boys named, Lorrpu, Milika, and Botj and the multiple choices they face in growing up and dealing with the responsibilities of being an adult. Set in the North East of Australia, their journey takes them from their hometown to the hot tropical climates of Darwin, where the choices the boys make helps determine their identities. As they all share a childhood dream of becoming great hunters together, the boys change, and Botj does bad things which lands him in jail, Milika is more interested in being a good football player and in girls, while only Lorrpu is still closer to Aboriginal traditions and to their one common dream. This essay’s intent is to evaluate the …show more content…
‘Rites of Passage and Personal Growth’ is arguably one of the most paramount aspects of Lorrpu, Milika, and Botj’s lives. It gives an insight into the process of movement to childhood to adulthood that is not always easy and just as certain insights are gained, there are also valuable things that are lost along the way. In Lorrpu’s dream at the start of Yolngu Boy, we see the initiation of the boys into the tribe, during their younger years. While at the end of the film, we see Lorrpu and Milika participating in the ceremony making their transition into manhood. This is ending scene is a key part as it shows now that both these boys can now ‘stand on their own two legs’ and can think for themselves. Furthermore, ‘The Search for Identity’ is another fundamental theme that essentially characterises the boys, when Dawu, the tribal elder, tells Lorrpu and Milika during the tribal council, “You boys have got to remember who you are and what you want.” This phrase stays with the boys and is at the forefront of who they are. Although only Lorrpu, and Milika managed to comprehend and put into practice this phrase, Botj tries very hard to integrate this into his life and let it guide him through his journey, however he unfortunately fell into the wrong path and didn’t get to experience his future years. Finally, ‘Friendship’ is another theme that cohesively bonds the three