Yosemite Reflective Essay

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An amber morning sun gleamed over the stark white, snow capped peaks of the mountains of Yosemite National Park. At 6 in the morning, climbing up the north face of the main mountain, the hot summer sun juxtaposed with the bone-chilling wind hundreds of feet up on the steep face of the mountain. Clipped in next to me my wife, Jan, a blonde with captivating blue eyes. While not tall, she makes up for her lack in height with her abundance in heart. Ever since we were dating back years ago, we've always shared the same passion of rock climbing. The rush finally reaching the summit of a towering peak like Yosemite is one of the best feelings someone can feel, but the constant suspense of anything possibly happening up on the mountain resonates in my head like a lingering fear that nobody can get rid of. Jan turned her head, hesitated, but then spoke, …show more content…
My first priority was to assess my surroundings, but I had no idea what to do. I was a regional manager at a paper company, not a survivalist. I was alone in the forest, in shock, without resources. "What do I do?" I talked to myself. "Oh I don't know Michael, what do you do?" "I don't know Michael, what do you expect me to?" I constantly talked to myself like that. I couldn't be alone, but my conscience and my other personality was nearly clouding my mind and distracting me from actually accomplishing my goal. But, I yelled at myself, "Michael shut up, you're useless!" I was driving myself insane in this nearly endless forest. I looked around everywhere and all I saw was trees and leaves, but still no exit from this completely open prison. But yet still, hours passed with no luck finding anything. I walked around, seemingly walking in circles. I constantly had the lingering feeling that I ended up in the same place I started in, with the familiar rocky face of the mountain seeming to pass by me each