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Acceptance essay
Michael Vey, fourteen year old teen, was different from others. He was often rejected and bullied by his classmates because he was not the average American. Like him, many other people felt the same way in the daily basis. Persons that are often rejected or have a feeling of wistfulness are looking for acceptance; therefore, they want to be treated equally. Rejection can make you have a cold feeling of longing. Consequently, it will also make you have dreadful feeling of despondency. Also, you will not be treated equally as others are because of not being accepted. Being neglected will give you an agonic sensation that will leave a bad taste in your mouth. In the short story “Desert exile” written by Yoshiko Uchida, and in “Magdalena looking”, short history by Susan Vreeland, the authors describe the main characters as rejected by society; although it may be because of different circumstances. “Shivering in the cold, we pressed close together trying to shield Mama from the wind. As we stood in what seemed a breadline for the destitute, I felt degraded, humiliated, and overwhelmed with a longing for home. And I saw the unutterable sadness on my mother’s face.”(pg. 9). This American Chinese family was being unaccepted because of their background race and actions. However, Magdalena’s feeling of rejection was more of an interior fight than a physical feeling. “She looked at her father in awe… if two persons love the same thing, wouldn’t they like comprehend each other too?”(pg. 4). She had an emotional fight on whether she would ever find that someone that would give her the love she was looking for. Overall, these two writers were trying to show the point of view of a not accepted person. In the poem “Legal Alien” written by Pat Moran, and in the document “Almost Deported” by James Eng., they show how the main characters have faith that they will be accepted by society sooner or later. “An American to Mexicans, a Mexican to Americans, a handy token sliding back and forth between the fringes of both worlds by smiling. Masking the discomfort of being pre-judge, Bi-laterally.” He is masking his tenderness by smiling until he is finally accepted by others. In the other