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Essay I Deep II
Modern lifestyles are completely different from the way people lived in the past. Some people think the changes have been positive, while others believe they have been negative.
Nowadays, there are many factors influence human life. All factors made traditional lifestyles became different lifestyles from the past or modern lifestyles. There are many benefits that the changed of lifestyles that have been positive for humans but also have some negative points which humans should think about, and find a way which can improve the solution and have a better lifestyle.
First of all, the two main points that bring benefits from the changing lifestyle and they consist of technology and education. Firstly, most things have been developed by technology. Many people can achieve opportunities because of technology. It is easier to do anything than in the ancient times. For instance, people around the world usually use some kind of technology that makes them feel comfortable such as mobile phones, digital camera and computers. All of these tools are new technologies which still keep improving continuously, and it is the significant things that have changed human lifestyles. In addition, an auto mobile is one of the best inventions which were developed by humans. There are many advantages of using car or other vehicles for moving. For example, all countries use the auto mobile for driving to everywhere. Therefore, people can travel conveniently because it is faster than the past. Secondly, education is very important today. People can use necessaries of technology for their study. For instance, student who does the project can search information from many sources on the internet.
On the other hand, modern lifestyles are not only