You Are Different Than You Were In High School-Aren T You?

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You are different than you were in high school- aren’t you?
When one is growing they learn many things that some they appreciate and agree to and others they do not agree with. Some of the things they agree to change are their way of thinking, feeling and acting.
I am very different than when I was in high school, the way of feeling, thinking and acting has changed a lot. This is so because of some factors that I can control and others that I cannot control. Many young people go through this for it is the time they are maturing.
When one is in high school they tend to do things mostly to find themselves- to identify who they really are. Some only think of themselves, others only think of other people, and others think of both themselves and other people. This is where some seek self- actualization; they want to satisfy their love need and seek self-esteem.
University life is not that easy for many people, because here they meet a brand new series of everything; the people, environment, professors, and many new other activities. This comes mostly as shock to many mostly if the environment has completely changed. During the first year one is not even sure of what they want to major in. they take different courses that help them in knowing what interests them most and what is not their field. As they are studying they tend to think and feel what they are learning and then start to act. This just happens and they have no power to control what is happening to them.
Sometimes individuals are influenced by their new friends either in a good way or a bad way. All these happen depending on the people you associate with. People you meet in the university are from all over the world so as you learn the different cultures you come along it brings a sense of appreciation to many people and love. Most of the first year students tend to depend mostly on their friends to tell them if what they are doing is right. Their peers are their audience.
The number of people that change their personality is greater than those who do not. At the university one is introduced to the real world where they have to survive. Some programs need them to work and they are still learning on how to talk to employers. All