You Are The Explorer Essay

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You Are The Explorer
The Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas were all very powerful civilizations, but to me the Incas were the most impressive. If I were exploring the Americas and I crossed paths with the Inca Empire, I would not only be surprised at what I would see, but also speechless. A civilization with roads and a functioning economy would make me wonder what else could be existing. If I were to venture into Cuzco, I’d be especially astonished at the sheer beauty and extensive amount of gold, silver, and precious treasures. I, of course, would be extremely cautious and a bit scared due to the fact that I am an unknown being in their eyes, and remember they could possibly view me as a threat.
As an oblivious explorer, I would keep several things in mind in dealing with the Incas. One key thing I would keep in mind is to do whatever it takes in order to stay alive. I would avoid conflicts that would potentially inflict danger on my team or myself. Also, I would have the purpose of my expedition in mind; I would not attempt any endeavor that would potentially jeopardize my safety, for if I died, the expedition would be a waste. I would remember that I am foreign to their culture and language, so I would not push my welcome. I would expect the Incas to be savage so in no case would I steal any gold or silver from them because, of course, I value my life.
There would be an abundance of information I would desire to share with my family and friends back home. The main characteristics about the Inca Empire that would be pertinent to share are the following advancements in society: effective working roadways and agricultural terraces in mountainous terrain, a functioning government that has a ruler, and the vast wealth that the Incas possess. The roadways that the Incas made and use were an extremely impressive feat in engineering for their time, and…