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You Decide
Every culture has beliefs that are passes down from generation to generation. We all grow up in a society learning how to interact with others. One place where we can learn how to interrelate with other people is at work. This scenario is an example of how the employee’s behavior may negatively influence Weber’s characteristics of bureaucracy. One element that is part of a bureaucracy is socialization. In the scenario we have Shirley Wright, who has the special role of being the manager of the employees. As the individual who is head of this company I would have expected a different response. I do not think the response that Mrs. Wright gave was suitable. She should have an equal standard for everyone to follow. Her comments of, “boys will be boys”, makes you assume that the behavior is okay. If it were two females would it be different? This behaviors should not be overlooked. These types of actions can influence other employees, and cause problems within the entire company. They are new employees that need to be oriented with the new regulations, and what is not acceptable about that type of conduct. I agree with Ron DesVue’s response on them learning to avoid those types of behaviors at work. If you do not correct them now and confront the employees these types of engagements will reoccur. This can cause problems later their social development. Informing them of the inappropriate behavior could make them reflect, and influence them to be better individuals to society. Mr. DesVue has a vital argument. In a workplace these types of manners can create many problems. For example, this could be used as sexual harassment. I disagree with Rudy on using the phones to record the conversations. I think by advising them of the consequences can hopefully make the employees stop. Maybe they did not realize how wrong and offensive it could be to someone. I believe it is a bad idea because, instead of just recording them you could counsel them on how it…