You Decide

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Title: You Decide
Melanie Poundall
DeVry University

Title You Decide
Choosing the right candidate for any company is essential; a poor choice can cost the organization time and money. The hiring decision needs to be based on an individual’s ability and relevant work experience devoid of discrimination. Discrimination is defined as “the process of denying rights and opportunities to groups or categories of people based on prejudice or arbitrary rationale” Week 3 StudyMate Transcript, DeVry University (2014).
The job description for the sales manager position, requires relevant sales experience, knowledge and understanding of fiber optics, flexibility and good communication skills. After evaluating the four resumes presented I would eliminate Jake immediately, he has no relevant sales experience and no knowledge of the product. Lynn certainty has an impressive knowledge of fiber optics; she is well educated and motivated to succeed. However she has no sales experience and acknowledges that she is nit fluent in English. Communication is paramount to successful sales person. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission “a fluency requirement is only permissible for the effective performance of the position for which it is imposed”. The choice between Karen and Jyoti requires more thought. Karen is definitely a strong candidate; she has the technical background and has proven to be a successful sales person. Her work record is strong and impressive, but the fact that she is relocating to get married raises concerns that she may not be able to meet the travel and social demands of the position. Jyoti , on the other hand is a single women who seems motivated and eager to succeed. She explains in