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You Decide
General Manager with a Service Company


The problem at hand is there is talk within the sales group that our customers are not happy with the way that the company is running. It seems to me that there is a small problem with customer service and some of the key players are taking it to extremes and others are just blowing off customer concerns. Since the company is growing and we are gaining new customers, it appears that we had to hire new sales people also. I have talked to several of our larger clients and they are not reporting any issues but we are getting reports from new customers that there is a problem. (Devry University, 2014). From the text, Bob Yeader seems to be making this problem bigger than what it is by saying we need to put together a team to handle the complaints (Devry University, 2014). I understand that there are a few complaints but not that many to blow this up like he is doing. I also understand that our customers are our asset but it really doesn’t seem like this is a huge problem. I agree with both Dori Lately and Jennifer Garland that this is not that big of a problem but I also see where Monica Milton is coming from also. Monica makes a valid point when she says “that we expended a lot of energy to get them” (Devry University, 2014) which she is talking about the customers. I do not agree with Philip Fried at all when he suggests that we do not question our customers. Just like our book states, “Capturing and using feedback is critical to success” (Timm, 2013), feedback is always critical to normal operations of a company. If we do not listen to our customers, then we will never find out if there are important things that we need to make adjustments to. The best solution to this problem is that we create a feedback survey for our customers so that we can address what they think are problems that need to be fixed within the company. I also believe that the new sale…