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Addiction Treatment Clinic
Jennifer Benware
HSM 230
November 23, 2014

The human service organization I have been appointed the director of is an addiction treatment clinic. My clientele will be drug addicts seeking drug treatment and family members with loved ones who are battling addiction. My organization will provide many services that include one on one counseling, withdrawal treatment, group counseling sessions, life skills programs, and case management. One on one counseling is provided for the client with our skilled counselors. This counseling will be available to the addict as well as family members of addicts. Withdrawal treatment will include medical detox that will be monitored by a psychiatrist or physician. This will include the use of prescription medications to make the withdrawal process easier and less harmful for the patient. Group counseling sessions will be something comparable to NA or AA type structured meetings. We will also offer a family support group for families who have a loved one who is an active addict or who is rehabilitated in order for them to better understand what is going on, how to handle their addict, and also meet others who are going through the same thing. The organization will also provide a life skills program to help the client get back into the swing of everyday life. Overall, each client will receive case management in order to ensure that all their needs are being met such as housing, food assistance, help finding a job, and things of this manner. This will be a for-profit organization and we will accept insurance as well as provide services for some clients who do not have insurance based on the severity of their need and if spots are available within the program. The organizations mission statement is as follows: “This organization is a group of professionals working together to meet the needs of addicts and their families. We aim to provide positive support for the addict and family. We understand how hard it is being addicted and that is why our goal is to provide the tools and treatment needed to overcome the addiction and learn to live a normal drug free life again. We also know how hard it is to love an addict and our goal is to provide the family with the knowledge needed to understand their addict as well as learn how to help their addict instead of enabling them. Remember that you are not alone and we are here with through every step you take!” This mission statement shows the community that we are behind our clients one hundred percent! It also shows that we are dedicated to helping those clients in need and know what they are going through. This mission statement supports the ethical system because it addresses the needs of the clientele as the main focus of the organization which is what the focus is supposed to be about as well as through acting as guiding purpose of all organizational and professional behavior. My organizations value statement is as follows: “Treat the whole person as an equal not as an addict. Treat every person with dignity and respect. Be of service. To be recognized as a community, state and national leader in the outpatient addiction treatment