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Your Mind Through Meditation Every time you open a door, read an email, or take a delicious bit from your favorite dish, you brain is acting and reacting. Constantly sending and receiving neurons to and from your entire body. When you burn your hand on a stove, or even get into a fight with someone, your brain creates then interprets those signals, which bring about a certain emotional reaction. That reaction is then expressed and interpreted by your brain, and then possibly passed on to another human brain, continuing the cycle. But behind our tangible brain lies a consciousness that is more important and has more control then we are able to comprehend.
Humans are made in parts, just as the ankle attaches to the shine then the knee—to the femur and so on up the leg and the rest of the body. All these parts work together in a single motion to do its specific job as its ‘told’ to do. The brain can be understood in a similar way. Our brains are the gateway to opening a door that ultimately leads to the understanding of who we are as humans. Though the brain is only the machine that interprets information given to us by the mind. Who we are lies within our minds. The mind has the answers although because the average human pays little time trying to understand his or her own mind, these answers come through as illusions of the actually truth. Distorted metaphors that lack true meaning are expressed. In order to understand who we are, and to connect ourselves with not just ourselves but with the world around us, we must understand the nature of our own minds.
Before we continue one thing has to be determined, what is the mind? Which in many cases varies from person to person, although they contain similar aspects. The mind is what gives us individuality, the mind allows us to dream that we are flying through the air, or breathing underwater. It is that which connects us to others in the world. We are individual waves in an ocean, and our mind is the water that makes the wave. We are all part of the same ocean and all made up of the same water. All of our minds are connected, but more importantly the mind is the ultimate understanding of our self. When you fully understand yourself you become more physically and mentally aware and alive.
Understanding the nature of our minds is not something that has to be practiced on a religious level. More importantly we must understand our minds on a metaphysical level. Understanding the nature of our minds is a philosophy that many religions take, yet you can separate the idea of ‘religion’ from the discovery of minds. One of the greatest and most successful avenues for discovering the nature of our minds is through Buddhist meditation.
Buddhism has developed around ideas concerning understanding and developing our minds. Yet most conceder Buddhism a philosophy or way of living rather then a religion, giving more of an unbiased background yet retaining the historical structure and evidence that aids in the process. Buddhism provides a better avenue then other forms of philosophy or religion.
For thousands of years human beings have been trying to understand the nature of our minds. Many have experimented with exercise, meditation, drugs, laughter, or whatever form of mental connection that they feel is important to their day-to-day mental health. Although understanding the nature of mind requires a practice, one that has to be developed and understood on more then just a physical level but overtime can be indefinitely linked to your consciousness alone. This is where the difficulty comes from, many people bealive that meditation is a prescribed ‘science’, that can be used for a month then put aside when your stress levels return to normal. Meditation is about taping into the infinite mind, and uniting the different parts of your body to become whole. Therefore understanding your consciousness requires a significant amount of dedication through practice, for a lifetime. My thesis