S Father's Invention Help The Characters In The Story And People In Real Life

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1. How might Stanley’s father’s invention help the characters in the story or people in real life?

I think that Stanley’s Father’s invention will help people with a really bad case of foot odor. “Sploosh” might help somebody get rid of a horrible odor in his or her favorite pair of shoes. Like Clyde Livingston other people might be called “sweet feet” after they used “sploosh”. It will help people get more friends and people would like to be around them.

2. Do you think there is a need for this invention in real life?

People in real life might need “sploosh” if it was real because they would get more friends and get rid of that horrible smell in their shoes. They would not be afraid to go outside anymore. Their feet would smell good and sweet.

1. How was Leonardo’s attitude different than those of other people of his time? He had a unique new attitude about machines at his time. He reasoned that by understanding how each separate machine part worked, he could modify them and combine them in different ways to improve existing machines or create inventions no one had ever seen before.

2. How did this help him generate new ideas? What did he set out to write? This new attitude helped him generate ideas by looking at what happened when he did random things. He sketched the helicopter, and the tank. He did this by putting together random pieces to see if they worked together. Leonardo set out to write the first systematic reasons of how machines work and how the properties of machines can be conjoined.

3. What other talents helped him communicate