Young And Dumb Essay

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Young and Dumb
A cow can be a friendly or scary animal. Both personalities I have come in contact with. Just because some of them look cute or friendly, doesn’t mean that they will always be nice. Also remember that they are always hungry and no matter what, food is always on their mind.
During one boring afternoon when I was about ten years old, I decided to go outside and play with our “pet” cows that we had raised since they were calves. Even though I was young, I told my parents that I would be fine to go out alone. My mother did not want any part of it but I insisted that I would be fine by myself.
As I walked through the gate of the pin something didn’t seem normal. We also had a dog named Peanut that stayed in the same pin with the cows. Normally she liked to stay around them but this time she was on the other side of the field. I seemed to notice that the cows were acting more aggressive than normal. I thought in my head that I might have made a mistake by going out alone. As I tried to go near the cows they started charging at me. I assumed they were looking for food because it was getting to the time of day we usually feed them. Suddenly I had to start running because if not, I more than likely would have gotten trampled by two massive cows. I soon headed for the barn running as fast as I could possibly go to look for safety.
“Locked, why is the door locked!” I said to myself as I was running around the barn in a frantic. We always had a bucket sitting outside of the barn door. I decided that if I stood on the bucket I would be able to climb over the barn door, and that is just what I did.
Once inside the barn I felt somewhat of a relief until I realized that I was not going to try to out run those cows again. I